My Bedroom

Today the primary 3 class wrote stories about their bedrooms, here is a story written by Niamh.

I love my bedroom.  My mum and dad decorated it last year and I got new bunk beds, so my friends can stay over. I  have  flowery duvet covers and curtains. The walls are painted purple and pink. I have a white light shade and pink desk with a lamp where i like to draw and color. Sometimes  I like to do my homerwork there. I like to lie on my bed and write in my secret book . Sometimes I watch lots of DVD’s on my mini DVD player.  I am always reading books and leaving them on the floor, so my room get very messy.  My mum gets angry when my room gets messy.  The pink carpet is nice and cosy.  I play music and I like to dance in my bare feet.  My little sister comes into my room and we play dress up.  I have a ‘Hello Kitty’ poster on my wall.