Snow Days Or No Snow Days

Snow days or no snow days

 Snow days are when snow, sleet or ice stops you from getting to work or school. Recently schools from Midlothian, Edinburgh, East Lothian and West Lothian have all had a snow week because of heavy snow fall.

 I believe snow days should be allowed because it’s a danger to staff and pupils because Lorries might not be able to deliver food to the school and because the boiler could give in. If enough snow falls everyone could get snowed in like when a school in South Lanarkshire got snowed in so their parents couldn’t pick them up.

I also think that there is no point opening the school if only half the pupils can make it into school. Also it wastes energy if you have to power the whole school if there and very many pupils or staff are there.

 My final point about snow days is the roads are not safe because of ice and snow. There could be accidents on the roads so that would delay parents from getting to/from school. Also school roads are not a priority unlike hospitals, fire stations and police roads, so it would be harder to get to school.

 Therefore I think we should we should have snow days because it is safer to stay off and not to go to school.

By Olivia P7