snow days or no snow days

Snow days or no snow days

I think snow days should be allowed. Snow days are days that children and some adults have to stay home from work and school due to very heavy snow. For children a snow day is probably just a day for sledging or playing in the snow but recently lots of schools in Scotland have had a whole week of school because of heavy snow.

First of all I think snow days should be aloud because the roads and walk-ways to and from schools can be extremely icy. That could cause cars and other vehicles to crash. Very recently an ambulance carrying a critically ill patient slid on the icy road endangering the lives of not only the patient, but the paramedics too. Also like last year the councils could run out of salt to grit the roads which could lead to a lot more road incidents.

My second reason is that the roads towards the schools are not a priority to be to be cleared or gritted compared to hospitals, fire stations and other life saving services. Also the teachers may not be able to get to school because major roads like motorways or bypasses being gridlocked so there would be no point of the children making their way to school only to be sent back home.

My final reason is that if children were to come to school it may not be safe for many reasons. The first reason is that while the children are at school there could be a lot of snow falling outside so the children end up being stuck in school. Early this month a school in South Lanarkshire was snowed in trapping over 150 pupils and teachers overnight. Also due to very heavy traffic on the major roads, Lorries carrying food for school meals might not arrive at the school on time leaving the children without school meals.

I think snow days should be allowed because snow and ice can be very dangerous.

By Anna P7

Snow Days or No Snow Days

The following argument is about whether or not children should have ‘Snow Days’. A snow day is a day when children get a day off school because of the snow. I believe we should have snow days for the following reasons.

 One reason is that driver’s cars can get stuck in the snow, preventing parents and even school staff from getting to school. It may even stop parents picking their children up from school. An event similar to this happened last year in South Lanarkshire, when over 100 pupils and staff had to sleep over in their own school,

 Also, it is dangerous for pedestrians who are walking to and from school, the reason being that they could slip and fall on the ice. A woman last year slipped and broke her wrist on the ice.

 Finally, it is too cold to be inside the school building. As the water expands when it freezes, it could burst a water pipe or even stop the heating, which could result in a flood or children and staff getting dangerously cold.

Snow days are good because it is too dangerous to get to school.

 By Ollie P7

Snow Days Or No Snow Days

Snow days or no snow days

 Snow days are when snow, sleet or ice stops you from getting to work or school. Recently schools from Midlothian, Edinburgh, East Lothian and West Lothian have all had a snow week because of heavy snow fall.

 I believe snow days should be allowed because it’s a danger to staff and pupils because Lorries might not be able to deliver food to the school and because the boiler could give in. If enough snow falls everyone could get snowed in like when a school in South Lanarkshire got snowed in so their parents couldn’t pick them up.

I also think that there is no point opening the school if only half the pupils can make it into school. Also it wastes energy if you have to power the whole school if there and very many pupils or staff are there.

 My final point about snow days is the roads are not safe because of ice and snow. There could be accidents on the roads so that would delay parents from getting to/from school. Also school roads are not a priority unlike hospitals, fire stations and police roads, so it would be harder to get to school.

 Therefore I think we should we should have snow days because it is safer to stay off and not to go to school.

By Olivia P7

Minutes of Parent Council meeting 9th November 2010

Minutes of Parent Council Meeting

Wednesday 9th November 2010


1. Welcome & Apologies


Present: Councillor Les Thacker (LT), Councillor Owen Thompson (OT), Sarah Keer-Keer (SK) (Chair), John Phillips (JP), Suzanne Rowe (SR), Anna Hulton (AH), Jennifer Allison (JA), Pat Brack (PB), Lesley Liddle (LL), Lesley Bee (LB), Julie Owenson (JO), Claire Witney (CW) (minutes)

Apologies: Mark Turner, Nicki Wells

2. Minutes of meeting 31st August 2010 – accepted


3. Matters Arising

a. Music lessons – Concerns were raised about MC (Midlothian Council) funding for music tuition being reduced.  Discussion followed about options to fund and possibilities of extending music tuition to more pupils.  JA agreed to check current situation and possibility of external tutors in school.  JA, SR and CW are to be working group and will arrange a meeting to discuss this further.  OT is working within Midlothian Council to improve music tuition to all pupils and offered his assistance.

b. Grounds for Learning – Planters are about to be completed and a request for donations of bulbs will go out to parents.  SK suggested Ian Stewart be invited to next meeting to update PC on plans for park.  Discussion about access points to school being open to public resulting in dog fouling and general littering followed.  The possibility of moving the school boundary fence was raised.  OT suggested contacting MC Landscape Manager regarding rights of way issues and will arrange a visit to assess options.

c. Open Evening – Most parents gave positive feedback.  A curriculum evening will be held in February in conjunction with performances from pupils and display of art.  The PTA and PC will also be involved.  AH agreed to assist JA and staff and will meet to discuss what parent’s would like to know about CFE.

d. Communication – JA will pursue emailing letters to parents and clarify with staff the procedure for distribution of general information and class specific letters.  It was agreed that PC minutes and agendas will be posted on the school website one week before each meeting.  SK raised the issue of the school download speed being very slow.  OT and LT had been assured there was no problem so will follow this up.

4. Parent Forum feedback issues

Equipment: PTA is raising funds for purchase of SMART boards and is planning a sponsored walk at Easter.  ITC equipment has to come from Midlothian Council to ensure system appropriate for use.

Maths & Science: JA intends to improve tracking within school to ensure high standard of teaching and attainment.  A Working group will create policy on teaching maths including active learning, self assessment and assessing pupils.

Homework: JA is auditing current homework levels across the school and will implement a homework policy for next session.

5. Playground supervision and pupil conduct (postponed until next meeting)


6. Dog Fouling

Work is ongoing to improve awareness within the school and community.

7. Head Teacher’s report

JA discussed positive feedback received in questionnaire issued at the school open evening and will distribute to PF (Parent Forum).  JA thanked SK and CW for participating in producing the school vision.   The pupils will be consulted on this before it being sent to PF for comment.  JA has been implementing MC standards and procedures within school including Health & Safety, Child Protection etc.  This will be evaluated by two peer Head Teachers and pupils, parents and staff will be interviewed.  The first inspection will be in 3 weeks time.

8. A.O.C.B

SK will create doodle poll to arrange a meeting to discuss Disclosure requirements

9. Date of next meeting Wednesday 26th January 2011 7.30pm staff room.






Scots Tongue

Our class  have recently been reading a poem called ‘Skatin’ written by J.K Annand.  It is a Scottish poem and has a lot of unusual Scottish words.  As you can tell from the title the poem is about ice skating.  It has words like ‘tummelt’ which means tumbelled, ‘aince’ which means once and ‘wi’ which means with.  A few people in our class thought it was very difficutlt to read because of all the unusual words but overall it is a good poem. 

Another poem we have been looking at is called ‘Mince and Tattie’.

i dinna like hail  tatties, pit on my plate o mince, for when i tak my denner, I eat them baith at yince.

Sae mash and mix the tatties, Wi mince into the mashin, and sic a tasty denner, will aye be voted smashin! 


Primary 3 felt houses

Before Chistmas our class made felthouses.  Erin’s mum Aine and Katie’s mum Kim came into help us.  Before we could use any felt and wool we had to plan out a design of what our house looks like on a piece of paper.   After we  planed our houses we poked the felt down cushions  and built it up until we had a finished picture.

Here is a photo of some below:

Charlie the Lazy Elf

  Here are photos for the Infant Areas Performance.  Everyone had great fun.  Well done to all!