Our school CD

On Monday we went into the hall and the school sang a song  for the cd.  I enjoyed it because I like singing.

We did ‘I can sing a rainbow’, ‘I  know an old lady’, ‘How  much is that doggy in that window’.  It was fun.


By Isabel


We painted bonfire pictures and made rockets for bonfire night. We also wrote a poem.



Flames from the fire are crackling

I wrap up warm on bonfire night

Rockets fly into the air

Exploding fireworks sparkle in the dark

We all have hot chocolate

OOOOOh says everyone

Red fireworks explode in the sky

Keep pets indoors

                                                                                                         Sparklers are the best

Charile the lazy elf – Infant area nativity play

The infant area are currently working on a nativaty play called ‘Charlie the Lazy Elf’

‘about an  elf  called Charlie and he is very lazy. Santa gets the flu and has to stay in bed. Who is getting christmas ready? It is up to the elf”s, but Charlie forgets what christmas is all about.

Its a fun play and full of great songs, the infant area are having  a great time doing it.  We hope parents will enjoy it too.

Juinor Tour Guide Quotes

 I think JTG at Roslin Chapel has improved my confidence and has given me a louder voice in front of a large audience. By Anna


Junior Tour Guide Quotes

In the past few months I have been feeling very proud of myself. Even though I only had a few lines. I am more confident, louder and I have learned to take facts in but in a interesting way. By Chloe


P4 sing a song for the school CD

On Monday 15th November a man came into the school to record all the children singing for a school CD.  P4 sang an awesome song called ‘ The fox went out one chilly night’.   We had been practising this with Mrs Kent.   The whole school sang several songs.  The staff also sang a song it was great.  You will be able to buy the CD soon.

By James P4

Junior Tour Guides

Over the last few months I have built up confidence and I have had fun. Lewis G

I have become louder and clearer and I can perform in front of an audience.Aaron

Now I am a lot more confident in front of an audience. Dean

“I am sure that next year the P7s will love it as much as we did.” Dylan

“I have learnt all my lines but I though I could never learn all of them!” Lewis P

“I have learnt all my lines and I couldn’t wait until the Launch Day!” Cameron M

“My voice is louder now and I feel more confident in front of other people. I am better at remembering words.” Kieran P