Parent Council

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Parent Council Meeting Agenda_12 November 2020


Parent Council Constitution_24 September 2020


Parent Council Meeting Minutes_24 September 2020

Parent Council Meeting Agenda_24 September 2020


Parent Council AGM Agenda_18 June 2020

Parent Council Letter_ June 2020


Parent Council Meeting Minutes_14 May 2020

Parent Council Meeting Agenda_14 May 2020


Parent Council Meeting Minutes_12 March 2020

Parent Council Meeting Agenda_12 March 2020


Parent Council Meeting Minutes_23 January 2020

Parent Council Meeting Agenda_23 January 2020


Parent Council Meeting Minutes_7 November 2019

Parent Council Meeting Agenda_7 November 2019


Parent Council Meeting Minutes_September 2019


Parent Representatives for the year 2019-2020 are as follows:

P1 – Mrs Emma Hutt

P2 – Mrs Mary McCulloch

P3 – Mrs Claire Houston

P4 – Dr Madhu Satsangi

P5 – Mrs Emma Clark

P6 – Mrs Alexandra Clark

P7 – Mrs Sue Fitchett


Agenda 12 Sept 2019

Parent Council minute 8 May 2019



Parent Council meetings are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm – 7:30pm.  Dates for 2018-19 Session are as follows:

21st November 2018
23rd January 2019
6th March 2019
8th May 2019
19th June 2019 AGM


MSP Derek Mackay Reply 19 Feb 2019

Councillor Derek Milligan Letter 30 Jan 2019

Parent Council Meeting Minute 6 March 2019

Agenda 23 Jan 2019

Parent Council minute Nov 21

Parent Council minutes Sept19

PC mins 2 May 2018

Parent Council minutes Jan 24 2018

PC mins 8 Nov 2017

Minutes 27th Sep 2017

Parent Council AGM 2017

PC Minutes – 3May17

PC Minutes – 8Mar17

PC Minutes – 25Jan17

AGM minutes 2016

PC Minutes-7Sep16

PC minutes 2 May 2016

PC Minutes- 9Mar16

PC minutes – 02Sep15

PC minutes – 12Nov15

Agenda 12 Nov 2015

minutes sep 1 4

Minutes 30th April 2014



Minutes-of-14 May-15

PC Agenda 14 May 2015


Roslin Parent Council Members

Madhu Satsangi                       Chair

Claire Witney, Stuart Clark       Depute Chairs

Claire Witney                           Treasurer

Claire Houston                         Secretary/Minutes

We work very closely with our Parent Council (PC) to provide the best service for our pupils and our community. The PC meet regularly in the Roslin Kirk Community Hall.  Agendas and minutes are published on our website.   

All parents are welcome and encouraged  to attend these meetings and if you have any ideas or suggestions please approach one of the PC members to discuss these at a meeting.


Contact us by email at, speak to us in person at school.  All parents are welcome to join the Parent Council at any time.