First Class Passenger on the Titanic

Hello my name is Faith. I’m from England, exactly from Arborfield. I’m so excited to be on the Titanic. I have a first class cabin
I’m an artist. I love it. You might see my pictures in galleries. My hobby is swimming. I can’t wait to try out the pool. My Dad is called Fred, he’s fat. I have a Mum called Victoria and I have a Sister called Lucy, who is very graceful. All of them are coming with me.
I’m coming to New York because I want to see fashion shops and the museums. I am so happy and very excited.
I have five suitcases. In them I have lots of paint and plain brushes, my favourite pictures, my jewellery, ball dress and my hat. My most valuable is my jewellery because it is made out of gold and silver.
We are travelling first class ticket so there are lots of great things to do. I really love the food, it’s incredible. I also love the swimming pool, it is much better than the one at home. But one thing annoys me, the thing is the second class guys mix up with me. The icebergs don’t scare me a bit because the Titanic is unsinkable.
By Faith

Hello my name is Elizabeth. I am 21 and from Scotland. It is so epic to be on the Titanic. I am an artist. I love my job because it is nice and messy. My hobbie is dancing because I am really graceful. I have one daughter called Rose. She is 8 years old so she can come with me on the Titanic which makes me really happy. I am going to New York for my job to paint a picture of Lady Liberty. It is going to be brilliant. I’ve brought three suitcases. My favourite thing is my ball dress and high heels. My ball dress is pink and it sticks out at the waist. My shoes are the same colour as my dress and sparkly.
We are travelling first class so there are lots of great things to do. The food is fantastic but I am full and there are five more courses. I love the ball because it is lovely music. I do not like swimming with the second class passengers. I don’t like all the noise when I am trying to sleep. I am a little scared because of all the icebergs in case we crash. But I should not be too scared because they say that the Titanic is unsinkable.
By Elizabeth