Learning Council

Meet our Learning Council 2022-2023

  • Gracie – P3
  • Yunkai – P3
  • Scarlett – P3/4
  • Sofia G – P3/4
  • Atlas – P4
  • Ramsay – R4
  • Emma – P5
  • Jacob – P5
  • Angus – P5/6
  • Min – P5/6
  • Daisy – P6
  • Evan – P6
  • Rose – P7
  • Hollie – P7
  • Teegan – P7
  • Amelia – P7



“A Midlothian Learner…”








Today was our first Learning Council meeting of the year. We discussed our expectations of each other and we each got a folder for meetings. We decided to work on a pupil school improvement plan that links with the whole school improvement plan. We decided we’d like to help work on French, Science and Feedback. We need to come to our next meeting with an idea of one more target for our plan.

Learning Council Minutes 4th October 2017:

“What we are doing at Learning Council:

We have been discussing our school targets. We got to makeup the last one, outside.  We have thought about teaming up with the Eco Committee to try to stop littering.  We thought we would pick up all the litter in the playground and collect it and then at Assembly show it to all the other children.  Our other targets are Science, French & feedback.  We will all participate in helping with these and hope to do a good job.  We are going to try to make a big difference with our targets”.

11.10.17 Learning Council Minutes:

Today we met at lunch and each got a copy of the Improvement Plan.  We discussed how we will be helping at Parent Consultations.  Our main task for  our next meeting is deciding what targets we would like to work on.  We can then get started!



Our Learning Council in talks with MP Owen Thompson & Cllr. Kelly Parry


Our Learning Council being introduced to MP Owen Thompson & Cllr. Kelly Parry


Just another day in the life of the Roslin Learning Council!



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