Laurel and Hardy ….In Hollywood

Script by Katy, Laura and Connor

Setting:    Hollywood

Cast:    Katy ……….Hardy

            Laura ……..Laurel

            Connor…….Film Director

Katy and Laura run on stage waving –

Laura – “Good day my name is Laurel and this is my friend Hardy”.

Connor takes his mobile out of his pocket

He dials a number –
Connor – “Hello is this the mug Company?”

Katy – “Yes it is, Hardy speaking.  How can we help?”

Connor – “I would like an ‘I love me’ mug and make it snappy”.

Connor puts down the phone

Katy turns round and shouts to Laura – “This guy sounds like a nasty monkey, so hurry up and get his new mug for him”.

Laura runs away to get the mug

While Laura gets the mug Katy jumps in van and toots the horn

Katy – “Hurry Up Laurel – we need to deliver this mug pronto!!!”.

Laurel jumps in van and they head off.

Connor – “Ah, there’s my new PA and my new actor”.

Katy – “But,  but, we’re not actually………………”.

Connor ushers them out of the van

Connor – “Hey you, new PA, go get me a latte!

“Oh dear my mug hasn’t arrived yet”.

Connor droops with sadness then takes mirror out of pocket and looks at himself.

Connor – “Ok big-shot actor, this will be your room while you are here.  Make yourself at home.  Have some sweeties, and champagne”.

Laura sits down and starts to read a script while helping herself to the champagne.

Katy goes to van and takes out the mug.

Katy – “Hey Mr. Film Director, I’ve got your mug”.

Connor runs over

Connor “Oh my mug, how did you get it?”

Katy – “Well actually, I’m not a PA and Laurel is not an actor, we work for the mug Company.   Laurel he’s found out, watch out”.

Laurel runs out of room

Connor runs about to try and catch Laurel and Hardy

Connor – “I’ll get you but I don’t know when!!!!!!!!!!!”.

Connor catches Laura and Katy

Connor – “I’ve got you now, I’m calling the police”.


The End