Visit to Scottish Parliament

Yesterday P6 and P7 took a trip down to the Scottish Parliament. We got split up into two groups and got taken on tours around the Parliament. We went into the debating chamber and saw the Mace and got told what it was originally used for. Then we all met up and asked each other questions. By Jessie

On Monday I went to the Scottish Parliament. We had a tour round the debating chamber and all of parliament except the MSP’s offices. We didn’t ever go into that side of the building. In the debating chamber there is a Mace given by the Queen that is at the Presiding Officer’s front desk. There are two offices beside for the people who write down and then type what everyone has said (wow hard job). The people sitting beside them are the news officials who type all the important statements that are said. Then we had to go to the learning centre where we got taught about the different laws that were passed. We had a black box with photos and magnets and a whiteboard. We had to put the magnets on the whiteboard from what year the law was passed. Then we got the bus back to school. By Connor

On Monday, the 24th September, Primary Seven and Primary Six went to the Scottish Parliament. I learned about the Mace. The Queen gave the Mace to Parliament when it opened again in 1999 and about how they vote and where they vote. By Kyle