snow days or no snow days

Snow days or no snow days

I think snow days should be allowed. Snow days are days that children and some adults have to stay home from work and school due to very heavy snow. For children a snow day is probably just a day for sledging or playing in the snow but recently lots of schools in Scotland have had a whole week of school because of heavy snow.

First of all I think snow days should be aloud because the roads and walk-ways to and from schools can be extremely icy. That could cause cars and other vehicles to crash. Very recently an ambulance carrying a critically ill patient slid on the icy road endangering the lives of not only the patient, but the paramedics too. Also like last year the councils could run out of salt to grit the roads which could lead to a lot more road incidents.

My second reason is that the roads towards the schools are not a priority to be to be cleared or gritted compared to hospitals, fire stations and other life saving services. Also the teachers may not be able to get to school because major roads like motorways or bypasses being gridlocked so there would be no point of the children making their way to school only to be sent back home.

My final reason is that if children were to come to school it may not be safe for many reasons. The first reason is that while the children are at school there could be a lot of snow falling outside so the children end up being stuck in school. Early this month a school in South Lanarkshire was snowed in trapping over 150 pupils and teachers overnight. Also due to very heavy traffic on the major roads, Lorries carrying food for school meals might not arrive at the school on time leaving the children without school meals.

I think snow days should be allowed because snow and ice can be very dangerous.

By Anna P7