An Account of our Farm Visit by Josie

Primary 4 went to Langhill Farm on Monday.  It was a long walk from Roslin to Langhill Farm.  It took us half a mile to get there and half an hour long.  I was partners with Erin.

When we got there we saw Farmer Wilson.  First we saw some big cows and two newborn babies.  They were sooooooo cute.  Then we went to the milking parlour and we saw how the cows get milked.

Later on we saw some baby cows.  They were soooooo cute but I couldn’t see them properly, and when Farmer Wilson closed the gate, their noses peeked out the top.  It was sooooo cute.

On the way back out of the farm we had to go through some water, and on the way in.  When we all got through the water the P5 class got there.  On the way back down to the school it was boring.  When we got to the school I was relieved.

The End