The Magic Djembe by Alyssa


One day in the February holiday I was really bored because there was nothing to do, so I went in the garden to dig.  Then I found a strange drum.

I ran as fast as I could to get to my room, and I started to play.  It was great fun.  I tried it with my eyes closed.  When I stopped, my room was a jungle.

I was surprised there was giraffes, monkeys, lions, snakes and elephants.  So that explained what type of drum it was, an African drum.  I was running up and down my room thinking what should I do.

Then I thought if I made the animals come, I can make them go.  So I played the drum again.  Then all the animals went.  I kept the baby elephant.  I wanted to keep an elephant so I don’t need to go in the shower or bath.  My Mum and Dad said “You can keep the elephant but as long as you look after it well”.  I said , “Yes I will keep it in my room.  I will feed and play with her”.