Sports Day

Roslin Sports 06 06 14 (MS Word document)



You are invited to our annual sports day on Friday 6 June,  at 9.30am, with a reserve date of Friday 20 June if the weather or ground conditions are not suitable. If it has been raining, a decision will not be made until about 30 minutes before the event, to allow for the maximum opportunity to dry out wet grass.  Please do not phone the school before 9.00am if you are unsure as no decision will be made before then.

We will need a rota of helpers on the day.  We would be very grateful for all offers of help so if you are able to assist for part of the time, please complete the section below and return it to school by Friday 30 May.

The children will participate as part of their  House team  : Green Man, Apprentice, St Clair, Master Mason.

After the sports, all pupils will go inside to their class areas where they can then be collected. They will be dismissed from the classroom only and will need to be signed out prior to leaving ; please go to your child’s class and sign him/her out on the class register.  

Please do not sign anyone else’s child out unless the school office has been previously notified by 9.00am on the day. 

Children not signed out by an adult will be dismissed at their usual time of 12.15pm/12.25pm. 

At the end of the sports day the Parent Council will provide fruit for the pupils.  They will also provide tea/coffee/juice and cake for spectators only.  Refreshments are not available to pupils whilst the sports day is in progress as they must remain with their teams and participate in the events.   Please do not take food or drink over to your child.

The winning House will be announced at the end of the sports day.   You will also be able to view photos on the school website.

Note:  where possible children should wear a plain T-shirt in their House colour.  You can also buy coloured T-shirts online from our uniform provider,

Your child is in team :

Green Man   (Green)

Apprentice (Red)

St Clair (Yellow)

Master Mason (Blue)