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We are looking for anyone with an interest in coaching sport to get involved with Active Schools.

This opportunity is open to all staff, parents, carers or someone you may know who would be interested in this opportunity!

For more info or to sign up then please email the team:

Or come along to our virtual open evening (free) on Zoom:

7.00 – 7.30pm

Wed 23rd June

Click here to sign up:

Thanking you in advance for your support, it is greatly appreciated.

The Active Schools Team

Sports Day Videos

On Thursday the 27th May we had the P1-P7 Sports Day at Roslin. Childen had an amazing time! Due to Covid, it was not possible to invite parents, but we have recorded some videos for you to enjoy.

P7 Boys Egg and Spoon

P7 Boys Egg and Spoon 2

P7 Girls Flat Race

P7 Girls Flat Race 2


P6 Boys Flat Race

P6 Boys Flat Race 2

P6 Boys Flat Race 3

P6 Girls Flat Race

P6 Girls Flat Race 2


P5 Boys Skipping

P5 Boys Skipping 2

P5 Girls Skipping

P5 Girls Skipping 2


P4 Boys Flat Race

P4 Girls Flat Race


P3 Boys Sack Race

P3 Sack Race


P2 Girls Flat Race

P2 Boys Sack Race

P2 Boys Sack Race 2


P1B Girls Egg and Spoon Race

P1B Girls Egg and Spoon Race 2

P1B Boys Egg and Spoon Race

P1H Girls Egg and Spoon Race

P1H Boys Egg and Spoon Race

P1H Boys Egg and Spoon Race 2

Free Childcare for qualifying families

Good Time To Be 2 offers up to 1140 hours of free early learning and childcare per year, from the month after your child’s 2nd birthday. If you receive certain benefits you may qualify. If you don’t receive benefits you may still be eligible e.g. if your child has additional support needs, if you or your child receive certain PIP / DLA or if you have a care experienced back-ground. Please email for more details: or visit

Nursery Sports Day

On Monday 26/4 the nursery children took part in many races for their sports day! The children loved competing in their own teams and were very supportive when cheering on their friends from the other teams!

All children were rewarded with a medal for taking part in the races!      Well Done Everyone!

Please click on the links below to enjoy some of the videos.